Runa Mizuki seduces her husband to fuck her while cooking

Runa Mizuki gets exactly what she wanted when she put on that apron today and nothing underneath. Some would say she was just doing a little cooking for her husband in the kitchen and should not have been bothered but we would put forward the fact that she has a fantastic ass and it is only reasonable to assume that someone seeing that hot ass from behind while she was in the kitchen cooking would not be out of line to reach in and grab a hold of it. And, further more we would suggest and not without evidence that those cute titties of her are so suckable and it would not be beyond expectations to assume that anyone seeing her in that apron without a bra on would pull that apron aside and pull those tits out to get a good sucking of nipples. These are the facts as we see them and we do not think any other outcome would be had. We must also point out that after some light touching and kissing and groping that Runa lifted her apron high so that her husband could see her hairy pussy and grab a hold of it. She spread her legs wide and allowed him to reach up and finger fuck her right there in the kitchen. After a bit of that, it was too much for him and he sat her down on that countertop and spread her legs and dove in to get a slice of that hot pussy for himself. This is really the stuff that Japanese housewife dreams are made of.
Date: October 6, 2022
Actors: Runa Mizuki