If the lovely JAV model Shino Aoi were my girlfriend at an onsen

You are invited to watch Shino Aoi today as pretends to be your girl. You see, the dream of most men when they meet Shino Aoi is to get close to her and win her over so she becomes their lover or boyfriend. All men want to slide a cock in her. She is that cute. She has an amazing body and has the cutest face. Every man that meets her wishes he could whip out his dick and just slide it right down her throat. But, in our society we have the ritual of dating that must come first. But here on JapanHDV, we imagined what it would be like to just meet Shino Aoi and take her to an onsen and spend the day with her naked. She likes the idea and we film her as if she were on a date with a lover. She gets naked in the bath and you both slip in the water to enjoy the refreshing water. What you both do in the water depends on your imagination. Why wait to get to know her if she were your girl? So, what you do is just reach out and get a hold of her lovely tits and start to play with her nipples. She is very excited with your hands all over her breasts and enjoys your touch. You stand Shino up and bend her over right in front of your face and you take a good hold of both of her ass cheeks and you spread them as wide as they will go so you can get a good look at her asshole and her pussy spread open before you. This is why you have her here and you spend the rest of the afternoon in the bath exploring her body. She is so horny she needs almost no prompting to reach over and grab your cock and suck on it while you enjoy watching her look up at you with her mouth all over your cock. This is your afternoon with your lover, Shino Aoi. Go watch the full video to see what else you two get up to.
Date: September 21, 2021
Actors: Shino Aoi